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iPad + iPhone + Plus + Mini

The 28 Team designed and created our first iOS mobile app in 2007, the first year of the iPhone and that was before the iPad. We now are the leading experts in VoIP apps, video, audio, voice, images, sharing, social media, tracking and messaging. We have built app features many mobile firms are afraid of.


Mobile + Tablet

Without Android you miss over 50% of your market. It is more detailed than Apple and requires the right team to make this work. We are the right team. We understand that there are now over 60 screen sizes to consider and we know the best way to deliver your mobile product in budget to all of them.


Watches + More

Imagine a device capable of storing and processing data built into your clothes or watch. That world is already here and we now look to our wrist for turn by turn directions or to see who is calling. The next big idea might be yours and Team 28 is ready to build.


UI + UX (User Interface + User Experience)

Design is the place where users touch your ideas and their brain engages your creation. This is a critical part of your mobile product. Our design team will help guide you and create visual presence for the next generation of connected devices. From concept - to art - to app.

Mobile Strategy

Creation + Future

A mobile strategy is more important than the application itself. It must bring high value to you and continue to evolve because the truth is, the mobile space changes very rapidly. We will keep you current and show you how to use this new data and stay forever connected to your user.


Linux + Apache + MySQL + Rails

Custom server side API's to power your mobile applications built in the cloud and ready to scale. We like Linux, Apache, MySQL\Mongo and Rails on EC2\RDS but tell us what you like. Your app will need an intelligent back end that can handle millions of users, this is what we do.


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We are located in Los Angeles, California USA. If you are in the area, call us to arrange an initial consultation. If you're in another part of the world, send us a message. We would love to discuss your idea.

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